Testing Bridgestone Turanza T001 Evo: Month 2

Bridgestone Turanza T001 Evo

If you’ve been reading Chungcuredep for a while, you may know that I’m currently running a set of on a Ford Fiesta. Since these aren’t extreme high-performance tyres, the plan is to run them for a while to see if they’re a viable choice as long mileage runners.

So far, I’ve been driving on these tyres for two months now, and here are my impressions thus far.

I have definitely noticed small, but noticeable improvements that are certainly appreciable especially for daily driving.


First of all, they perform startlingly well in wet conditions. It’s often quite easy to spot bad tyres when you get them soaked, but the T001 Evos did very well here. It helps that the Fiesta is a confidence inspiring car, but those tyres kept the Fiesta on the road well.

I’d imagine that the remarkable wet performance is thanks to Bridgestone’s new compounding. It may not be the best rain tyres to run, but they’re near to the top. They didn’t aquaplane severely on me either, which is a big worry when you’re driving fast on motorways.


As a set of premium tyres, these work wonders as well. Travelling at motorway speed limits, there’s a perceivable reduction in road noise. Some tyres can make long-distance driving a chore, but the T001 Evos turned the Fiesta into a viable motorway cruiser.

In terms of dry performance, I couldn’t really notice a discernible difference in how the Fiesta behaved. It’s still as sharp and as entertaining to drive as always.

The economy of the Fiesta hasn’t changed drastically, I’d say it’s still within the margin of error. That said, efficiency isn’t exactly the main objective that Bridgestone has set out to shock the world with for the Turanza lineup.


There really isn’t much to talk about regarding the T001 Evos, but I think that’s a good thing. So far, for me, they’re just a set of solid tyres that’ll serve you well during their service life.

Of course, there are still months to go before I can really see how they fare longevity wise, but so far I can recommend these tyres with confidence. They’re affordable, but provide a lot of additional performance for their price, especially in the wet.

I can’t see how they can go wrong in the future, but it stands for me to see if the T001 Evos will prevail when I truly put some miles into them. Until then, stay tuned.

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