Mini Drone 3

A Miniature Drone That You Can Travel In Your Cup Holder

Most people that like cars are also very interested in gadgets and technology. Drones are at the forefront of cool techie gadgets at the moment. We have recently tested a that as you can see above was able to fit in a cup holder.

Mini Drone-1 Cheerson CX - 10D

Cheerson CX – 10D

However don’t let the size of the Cheerson put you off, as it is a very capable little device and great for a beginner. The nano drone control takes 2 small batteries and the drone itself charges via a usb cable.

Mini Drone-4 Cheerson CX - 10D

Impressive Features

The drone can be flown indoors or out and has lots of impressive features including an auto take off and auto land feature that helps avoid many accidents. Once in the air the drone has the ability to maintain a constant height and even has the ability to do flips in 4 different directions. Operating the drone is so much fun. Take a look at the video below to see the drone in action.

Cheerson CX – 10D Demo Video

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