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Getting The Best Price For Your Car, No Matter What It Is

When it comes to selling a car, a lot of people get a little too down on their car and their expectations for its price. True, your car has been depreciating since the moment you got it. But if you’re not willing to put a little work into selling it, you could end up missing out on a lot more than you think.

Keep Your Records

Hopefully, as you read this, you have a well-kept for your car. It’s a big factor of appeal for a lot of buyers. For instance, nearly half of used car buyers won’t even consider a car if it doesn’t have a history. Beyond that, your car will lose a fifth of its value without one. But one factor that some don’t consider is who exactly has been doing your servicing. Independent garage servicing doesn’t hold as much weight on the market as servicing from a franchised garage. Even if you don’t have the record on you, you might be able to get it from your mechanic, so don’t panic.

Tackling Those Big Problems

It’s time to take the car for one last comprehensive fix. You know the big problems that it might be dealing with. The most noticeable are definitely the ones that will impact the value the most. You don’t have to worry about a few dings driving down the price, just get some done. A last round of maintenance should be done, changing the oil, the air filters, and even the brake pads, if necessary.

Detail Matters

Then it’s about tackling the little problems that are going to stay in the back of a car buyer’s mind. Making your car more presentable and giving it a test drive is a good place to start. Give the insides a thorough clean and make sure there are no lingering problems in the drive. Then there’s the history of the car. People do, and should, have a natural caution when it comes to getting used cars. But you can take the first step in establishing that trust by offering a record of your car’s ownership past. Assure them it’s not stolen or an insurance write-off.

Write A Real Ad For It

You might not be a salesperson, but you can make sure your car sells as best as it can using only the facts. Find the best places online to for the most visibility. First, don’t exaggerate any details about the car. Those lies are all too easily exposed and can come back to bite you. More important is to remember the assets of the car you might have forgotten. Be sure to list valuable qualities like alloy wheels, air conditioning, and parking sensors.

Be thorough, be honest, and be smart about selling your car. Depending on what kind of problems it might have, then you need to consider the return on investment when it comes to making repairs and changes. But in most cases, you’re going to need to restore it to its former glory as best as possible.

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