You have now seen the Italian LaFerrari and the German 918 Spyder but here comes those plucky Brits and the McLaren P1! The jovial image of British mean in their sheds with beards and hammers ‘knocking’ together something elaborate couldn’t be further from the truth with this technical master piece. It may not be the prettiest of the big four but it certainly is capable. Combining hyper-hybrid performace and Bill Gates worrying technology the McLaren P1 is more than a match for it’s counterparts and this was highlighted with a rumored 6.47 (if not possibly quicker). It is even more special in the flesh and the icing on the cake was seeing it sweep up the Goodwood hill in ‘Electric only’ mode – it may not have pleased the petrol-heads but it’s a sign of (special) things to come!

Goodwood Gallery – McLaren P1

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