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Honda EP3 Civic Type R JDM – The Internets Best Example

I recently attended a charity event held by Car Culture UK raising money for a very sick young boy. The event was held in an underground car park in Birmingham and certainly had an underground feel to it like a classic car meet from the 90s. Where I spotted this Honda EP3 Civic Type R.

Honda Ep3 Civic JDM Type R - Front 3 Quarter high shot Honda Civic JDM EP3 Type R Panning Shot

There were plenty of great cars there from Bentley Continentals through to ratted Ford Fiesta vans and just about everything in between. However, a few cars really jumped out at me. Through the engine noise, tyre smoke and exhaust fumes shone a beautiful white Honda EP3 that appealed to the teenager in me. I have always loved the ‘old’ civic shape and the car looked in good condition.

Honda Ep3 Civic JDM EP3 Type R - Front 3 Quarter Honda Ep3 Civic JDM Type R - Rear 3 QuarterHonda EP3 Dashboard Dials

Time attack – Honda Ep3 Type R JDM

I approached the owner, gave him a card and asked if he would be interested in a shoot and as they say, the rest was history. And history is a good place to start with a car like this, it is a true modern classic. The JDM EP3 Type R had its share of modifications including Recaro seats, a £1500 carbon air box and a host of other tweaks and mods. However, it stayed pretty true to its heritage and looked all the better for it.

Honda Civic EP3 Red Recaro Seats

No Standard Ep3 Type R JDM

When you take a look under the bonnet on the Honda EP3 you will notice there is a Gruppe M Carbon Fibre induction airbox with carbon air feed on the scuttle panel. Of course, there is lots of debate whether or not this is the best airbox on the EP3 Type R (it is believed to be the best). Putting it’s performance aside it certainly looks the business. It benefits from a scoop catching the cold air that runs over the bonnet and forces it into the engine. Many induction kits without this method will suffer from heat soak from the engine once it has warmed up.

Honda Civic JDM EP3 Type R -  Gruppe M Carbon Fibre induction airbox with carbon air feed on the scuttle panel

Honda Civic Type R JDM White Wheels

Anyone that knows anything about red-badged hondas will know that only the Championship White JDM EP3 Type R’s came with the white wheels as standard. They may be a little more high maintenance, but they certainly look the part on the imported Honda EP3. The problem that many owners do have is managing the brake dust deposits in the corners of the wheels. The only thing that can be done about this is very regularly washing on a weekly basis at the least. But as you can see here on this car, the wheels are in great condition.

Honda Civic JDM EP3 Type R - White WheelsHonda Civic JDM EP3 (11)

Honda Civic Type R EP3 JDM - Warehouse Shot Honda EP3 Door Sills Honda Civic JDM EP3 Type R Modified Back Box

That EP3 Civic Type R Styling

I am very aware that car styling appreciation is all in the eye of the beholder. But personally, I love the look of the EP3 Type R and more especially this JDM example with its nice modifications. You can look at it from any angle and the car’s lines all seem to make sense and have an aggressive look to them. I love the wedge shape to this car and in Championship White, it stands out from the more common, black and red Honda Civic Type R’s.Honda EP3 Civic JDM Type R - Shot From the Front Honda Civic Ep3

The Civic EP3 Was a Pleasure to be Around

The owner,  a genuinely nice guy and all-round car nut, was more than helpful in letting me mooch around, then helping out with the photo shoot to make the car look great. The car did have a few minor knocks but overall, it was in great condition and really appealed to my love for cars of this age and even made me rethink my top 5 classic cars that I wish I could own (though nothing will displace the 205GTI). Overall, the little Honda Civic EP3 was a pleasure to be around and demanded that you get in it and drive it! After shooting the 2015 Type R earlier this year, it’s nice to see where the bloodline came from.

Honda Civic EP3 Type R - Side on Picture - JDM


JDM EP3 Civic Type-R Specification

The JDM EP3 Civic Type-R has the additional spec listed below over the UK car:

  • JDM Championship White Paint
  • K20a 220bhp Engine – Same engine as the Integra DC5 (Better Inlet Manifold & Camshafts
  • Forged Bottom end, Pistons and Conrods)  
  • Rear Privacy Glass (Factory Tinted Glass not Tint Film)
  • Leather MOMO steering wheel
  • Jap spec Speedo interface
  • Union Jack Rear Emblem
  • Folding Electric Mirrors
  • HID Headlights
  • Red Recaro Interior
  • Red Carpets – I have these as well as the black and red Type R mats as in the pictures
  • Air Conditioning (Not Standard on all UK cars)
  • LSD – Transforms this car from the standard UKDM car
  • Thicker Rear Anti-Roll Bar
  • Shorter Gear Ratios (Helps keep the car in VTEC better)

Honda EP3 Civic Type R Extras

This particular car also includes:

  • Gruppe M Carbon Fibre induction Airbox with carbon air feed on the scuttle panel – Best induction system for EP3
  • Tein Height Adjustable Coilovers 
  • DC Sports Adjustable Rear control arms and bushes
  • 2.5” Supersprint B-Pipe / Centre Pipe
  • Scorpion Back Box
  • Toad Anti Theft Alarm System
  • Mugen Oil Cap
  • Championship White engine block
  • Facelift Front Bumper
  • Honda OEM Wind Deflectors
  • Honda Red Carpet Mat Set
  • Honda Option Carbon Door Sills

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