In the latest of our Photographer Spotlight series, we take a look at 21 year-old (yes, 21!) German photographer Frederic Schlosser. The understated, yet highly talented, photographer shoots predominantly commercial work and the advertising level quality really shines through.

Germany’s Finest

You can tell by Schlosser’s website that he is not there to shout about how good he is, the images do all the speaking for him! Frederic seems to have a more down to earth approach, regularly treating his Facebook and Instagram followers to a healthy amount of behind-the-scenes shots. Where as there can be no doubt about the quality of Frederic’s camera work, his talents really come to life in his post production skills, pushing his images from the sublime to the extraordinary. Sit back and prepare to be wowed as you scroll through his breathtaking work.

Frederic Schlosser

Find more of Frederic’s work on his , and pages.

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