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Top 4 Racing Innovations Now In Passenger Cars

Direct Shift gear box is not the only ingenious feature that found its way to the modern day cars, racing cars have contributed much more than that. Though the transfer of technology from race tracks to everyday roads is slow, but it is happening indeed on a regular basis. Auto manufacturers have to weigh in costs of mass producing a new race car feature in their regular vehicles that would add some tangible benefit and value for customers. And of course, for which customers are willing to pay. Analyzing this perfect mix of price, feature and value is a tricky scenario. You might have seen the most aerodynamic and fuel efficient cars dubbed as simply and ditched by consumers, and this happens so often. Let’s have a look at few of the technological advances that were intended for race track initially.

Direct Shift Gearbox and Ignition Switch

Both direct shift gearbox and ignition switch were first introduced for race cars. Stick shift with clutch actually ensures that the vehicle is in correct gear and the driver gets the most out of the engine on each turn, curve and straight stretch of road. Additionally, ignition switches were installed to save a little time used to turn the key, as each second counts in racing. Both of these features are found in modern day cars and though direct shift gearbox is cheaper to install and maintain than automatic transmission and CVTs, most performance cars only use direct shifters and have made a shift to paddle shifters only recently.

Independent Suspension

To ensure race winning grip and control, all four tires need to have a proper with the road at most times. This is where suspension comes into play. Long before the days of and ABS, independent suspension ensured that the driver could remain in total control at turns and bumps. This technology has been replicated to mass produced vehicles almost entirely in the same way. Let’s face it, no one will complain that their vehicle is more comfortable to ride and maneuvers subtly around corners.

ABS and EBDs

Since we have mentioned ABS and EBD already, let’s acknowledge this ingenious engineering feat as well. ABS or Anti-Lock Braking System and EBD or Electronic Brakeforce Distribution are essentially similar in concept and to some extent in function as well. Both don’t allow the tires to leave effective grip upon braking by employing somewhat similar principal. have been replicated from race cars ensuring efficient braking and undeniable control on turns that require heavy braking.

Racing Suits

Another safety feature that has found its way from race cars is fire resistant track ready apparel. No one has forgotten the death of Aryton Senna, the last death in F1. The safety features as well as the apparels for racers have improved drastically after losing the best racer in the world. Not only drivers but also the pit crew wear specialized fire resistant suits. Besides, these suits are a must-have in fire prone working environments, as worker safety laws in most countries require them. We recommend every motorist to find their FR suits on .

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