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The Worlds Most Luxurious Cars With The Price Tag To Match

When you hear the word “luxury,” you can think of a lot of things. However, if you’re a fan of automobiles, then you surely would have heard the term “luxury car.” In the world of vehicles, these are often called supercars, and these are things car makers strive to create. The top brands in the industry aspire to integrate various creative aspects and technological finds to make sure these luxurious cars are worth every penny you want to spend on them. This means these cars aren’t just fast, but its occupants are sure to be left stunned.

The World of Supercars

Luxury cars nowadays still have a market among the richest of the world. The majesty of these cars reflect just how much prestige their owners have, and these supercars aren’t named as such without a reason.

  • Both business users and private users can find these cars extremely attractive, and these supercars cater to a lot of consumer demands.
  • However, even luxury cars have their own respective “rankings.” The features inside these supercars determine whether or not their owners will like them.

Defining Luxury: The Price Tag to Match

Naturally, these supercars will also have a price tag to match their majesty. Their cutting-edge technology and flagship designs will cost a lot even for private and business users. Here are some of the most luxurious cars in the world with the price tag to match:

Mercedes S-Class: The Mercedes S-Class is something to marvel, especially when you’re inside one. There are almost nonexistent vibrations from the pedals and the steering, and the tire roar is almost silent while inside the vehicle.

  • If you’re into other forms of fuel, you can get yourself a hybrid, diesel, plug-in, and petrol variation of the S-Class.
  • The vehicle boasts a super smooth engine that has quick in-gear acceleration. You’re bound to savor its 0 to 62mph in just 6.8 seconds configuration.
  • The S-Class costs $96,600 for the base sedan. However, if you want its convertible counterparts, then you may want to save up as much as $122,750 for the starting models.

Bentley Mulsanne Speed: The Bentley Mulsanne Speed boasts power in its old-school design. It’s hand-built craftsmanship is home to an extremely powerful petrol engine, which makes it a car to have if you’re in for classic looks.

  • The Speed isn’t exactly one for racing, but it amps up effortless performance and luxury.
  • The sheer design and features of the car make it quite a stunning sight on the road, and its delectable colors make it quite the roadside hottie.
  • The Speed has prices that range from $307,395 and above, which is extremely pricey but a worthwhile addition to your collection if you have the luxury of time and resources.

Porsche Panamera: If you’re into curves, then the Porsche Panamera is the perfect luxury car for you. The Panamera comes with the looks enough to stun any car owner.

  • It’s based on the Porsche 911 with a lot of upgrades. You can notice the styling cues from the 911, but its lines were smoothed out.
  • The driver-focus of the car makes it a pleasure to ride, and there are a ton of options to configure to make your car ride a more worthwhile journey. For instance, the air suspension can get itself in a comfort mode at a simple press of a button.
  • This beauty comes at a cost, though. The Panamera has a starting price at $99,990, and if you want the Panamera Turbo, it’s going to set you back as much as $146,900.

Range Rover: The Range Rover is an SUV that packs the same comfort of a cruiser that is built for long-distance travel. Despite its bulky appearance, the Rover is actually extremely fast and comfortable.

  • The engine of the Rover is large in capacity, as it has a 4.4 SDV8 diesel and a 5.0 supercharged petrol V8 output available for use.
  • The height of the Range Rover immediately outclasses its rivals. There’s a ton of space at the back, which gives quite a fantastic view.
  • The Range Rover begins at $36,350, which classifies the vehicle as not just a luxury vehicle, but a high-end SUV to date.



When you hear the word luxury car and supercar, it’s important to remember that these machines aren’t just “expensive” because of the brand. They carry a certain amount of majesty and prestige with their build and specifications. The technology and design of these vehicles are stunning, both in terms of class and performance. When you get yourself a supercar like the ones on the list above, you’re definitely racing at the top of the charts.

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