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Composite Poles 6-metre Telescopic Pole Review

Composite Poles 3K Carbon Fibre 6-metre Telescopic Pole

Tripod or monopod? That is undoubtedly a question the most ardent photographers have lost sleep over, and one that many hobbyist photographers have pondered on. It’s not without good reason too, quality photography equipment often costs an exorbitant amount, so it’s shrewd to take a step back before committing your wallet.

Hyundai i30N Performance Composite Pole 0001

For us though, while a tripod’s importance cannot be undermined, we often find time constraints to be ultimately the limiting factor to photo shoots. Sometimes, manufacturers only borrow cars to us for a short period or so, thus a monopod’s versatility and convenience became increasingly enticing.

And now, cue the . Technically, it’s not specified as a monopod, but with the screw-mount, it can definitely be branded as such.

Initial Impressions

As you can imagine, the unboxing experience is extremely straightforward. It’s quite a big box that pretty much contains the pole itself.

Even just grabbing it, I’m immediately impressed. Of course, being made from genuine 3K carbon fibre, you can imagine what the build is like. It feels immensely rigid, it’ll take a whole lot to bend or break this.

Composite Pole 6 Meter 0009

You can find the camera attachment, a 1/4″ screw mount, on one end of the 6-metre pole. It’s a standard thread for photography equipment. On the opposite end, there’s a small aluminium footplate that can be folded. It also comes with a branded carrying bag specifically made to fit the Composite Poles 6-metre Telescopic Pole.

Composite Pole 6 Meter 0008

The pole can be retracted down to 1.75-metres and extended all the way to 6-metres as the name denotes. The extension action they’ve opted for are clamping levers. Fortunately, the action feels quite smooth and robust.

Practical Experience

While it can lengthen into an absolutely massive monopod, you may be taken aback by how light the entire package is. Weighing in at just 1.22kg, the is quite lightweight for the utility it packs.

Composite Pole 6 Meter Sony 0003

It’s not often that something so tall can also feel well-built, but that’s what this has achieved. Even fully extended, the pole maintains rigidity that’ll instil plenty of confidence to users. A tricky feat to achieve the longer you go.

With words though, I don’t think I can quite explain how usable and effective this pole serves as a monopod in the elements. After putting a ball head mount onto the pole, I took it out for a photoshoot of the little red Hyundai I30N. Just look at the photos we’ve taken with it at varying heights.

Composite Pole 6 Meter 0011

The best thing about it is the fact that you can add so much more variety to your photoshoots with just this single equipment. If it’s not explicitly stated, you may even mistake these for drone shots!

Hyundai i30N Performance 0008

Shot at 6 Meters- Focal Length 24mm

Additionally, because it’s only a monopod, I could keep it on at all times with it acting as a stabiliser made easier with the nice footplate.

Composite Pole 6 Meter 0002

And when you’re all done, just unscrew the camera and keep it in the bag. The pole, even retracted, is quite unwieldy to shoulder carry due to its length. But if that doesn’t bother you, the weight is forgiving to carry around.


Overall, I’m quite startled by the Composite Pole 6-metre Telescopic Pole. A telescopic pole isn’t built to handle a lot of weight, and a camera can end up being quite the kit. Even with a beefy DSLR like the 5D Mark 3 we have on the pole, I didn’t feel all that anxious holding it 6-metres in the air. Though I’d surmise that you could struggle with a longer lens.

Composite Pole 6 Meter 0006

Of course, there are some flaws. Quality doesn’t come cheap at £330. I think it’s priced quite accordingly for the whole 3K carbon fibre build. 6-metres could seem excessive, but it really gets your mind jogging for new angles. And if that price tag means that I don’t have to lose a few hairs everytime I use it to its full extent, it’s worth it.

If you’re looking for a solid monopod, and don’t mind going the unorthodox route, give the Composite Poles 6-metre Telescopic Pole a thought. It may pleasantly surprise you with the number of ways it can spice up a seemingly mundane shot.


Hyundai i30N Performance 0009

Shot at 6 Meters- Focal Length 24mm


Hyundai i30N Performance 0004

Shot at 2.5 Meters – Focal Length 24mm


Hyundai i30N Performance 0001

Shot at 4 Meters – Focal Length 24mm


Hyundai i30N Performance 0003

Shot at 3 Meters- Focal Length 24mm


Hyundai i30N Performance 0010

Shot at 3.5 Meters – Focal Length 24mm


Hyundai i30N Performance 0012

Shot at 6 Meters – Focal Length 70mm


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