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Driving Up Costs: Budgeting For Beginners’ Motorsport

If you are thinking of taking up motorsport seriously (or at least more seriously than you take it at the moment) you need to consider the costs involved. Thanks to the huge variety of motorsports and driving events across the country, there is something . So here we look at some of the key expenses surrounding motorsport for beginners.

The Gear

For any kind of motorsport you are going to require equipment. Before we even get onto changing the car itself, you need to think about the gear that you are going to wear. Motorsports won’t take kindly to you turning up to race in jeans and a t-shirt, and at some events it will be mandatory to wear protective racing gear. If you’re getting serious about racing and track day events, buying your own stuff is going to be far more affordable than renting.

Important pieces of gear that you are going to need to invest in include the helmet, a racing suit, gloves and racing boots. Throw in a head restraint, fireproof undergarments and a kit bag and you could be looking at to get kitted out.


There’s no doubt that any kind of racing or track day driving will be hard on your car. But no part of the vehicle takes the brunt of the beating more than the tyres. Racing will shred your tyres and you will go through them at surprisingly pace. And, of course, you can’t afford to go out onto the track with bad tyres – not only will your times suffer but you can also be putting yourself in danger.

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Make sure that you are buying the right type of tyres for the motorsport you are competing in. Using the wrong tyres can put you in a position where they will wear down and need replacing after far fewer events.

Fire Suppression

If you have driven in any kind of track day event or race before you will likely be aware that if fire suppression systems are not a requirement for taking part, then they will certainly be highly recommended. When things go wrong in the car, remember that you are going to the one there in driver’s seat, so if you want to save your car you will need the best fire extinguishers that you can afford.

If you have already competed in a few events and have a fire suppression system in place, remember that you will need to check to ensure that it is still in date and that it is not missing any parts. If you do find that it is either empty or missing key parts, don’t assume that you will need to buy a new one. Many manufacturers offer spare parts so that you can fix your existing system. Visit fire extinguisher experts FEV for more information on .

Entrance Fees

When you are getting started with racing or track days you may have chosen events due to their proximity to you. This means that you might have a warped view on the cost of entering events around the country. The fees can vary dramatically, so it is a good idea to do your research thoroughly around the prices.

Large entrance fees can mount up quickly and end up eating into your budget heavily. It is better to spend the majority of your money on upgrades to your car and your own equipment.


If you are thinking of travelling to motorsport events, remember that you are going to need somewhere to stay. Once again, the costs can vary enormously, so it is a great idea to look at the – this allows you to budget sensibly for it.

It is worth noting that booking your accommodation early is likely to be much cheaper than waiting until just before the event or simply turning up on the day. Plan out your schedule and book up cheap accommodation to keep your travelling costs down.

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